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IP Tools for Excel - Version 2007 - 2010 is an add-In / Plug-in for Microsoft Excel. This solution for Microsoft Excel 2007 - 2010 provides IP Address management capabilities. Ping and NsLookup (DNS Lookup) for your Excel worksheets. Automatic IP address lookup. Forward and reverse DNS lookup functions. Ping sweep an entire list of IP addresses or names instantly. Ping sweep or ping test instantly. Sorting IP Address in Excel. Analyze and parsing of IIS logs benefit from the ability to sort IP addresses in Excel. Trace Route, SSH, RDP and Telnet connection options from Excel. When IP Tools is enabled and Excel is started, you will find additional tool bars and menu commands which provide functionality to execute and display results from such commands as ping and nslookup. Main Features: - Right click and choose command on any cell or range including entire columns or rows - Nslookup - DNS lookup forward or reverse - results any way you need - Trace Route via the tracert command - Ping any selected list of IP addresses or host names - Ping sweep range of IP's - Launch Ping continuously in command window - Ping packet parameters are customizable - 1 to 200k pings per address - Launch to http or https from any list of host names or IP addresses - In Excel Launch RDP SSH and Telnet connections - Sort IP Addresses in Excel - does not come before - Output directly in Excel with 1000's of output and format options - GUI interface for setting options and settings

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